Optimal Health Reset

The #1 blood sugar course

In this self-study course, you will learn…

  • Healthy lifestyle strategies that will help you control your blood sugar
  • How to regain your energy and feel better
  • How to plan delicious and healthy meals that don’t spike blood sugar
  • How to achieve a healthy body weight without struggling

You’ll learn how to heal yourself with whole foods and healthy lifestyle changes that naturally reduce insulin resistance

This is for you if…

  • You feel confused about what to eat to help control blood sugar levels
  • You feel gloom and doom when you go to the doctor--worried they will put you on more drugs
  • Some days you feel powerless and can’t seem to get results despite your efforts

Imagine creating a healthy lifestyle that increases your energy instead of drains you.

Imagine feeling good and doing more of the things you enjoy.


Instant access to 8 weekly self-paced online course modules

2 pre-recorded cooking class videos

Private Facebook Group: a positive like-minded community

Lifetime Access, so you can review the course content at any time.

Course Curriculum Includes:

  • Blood Sugar Control Secrets: proven strategies that help maintain healthy blood sugar levels
  • Superfoods checklist to help naturally balance blood sugar levels
  • Plant-based Meal Planning Guide for help creating healthy & delicious meals
  • 7 Steps to Reading a Food Label for grocery shopping without guesswork
  • Healthy Lifestyle Formula so you feel great and thrive 
  • Guide to Thriving Socially: healthy strategies for dining out

Optimal Health Reset Self-Study Edition






$147 x 3


As a health coach and workplace wellness consultant, I teach educational information on food and lifestyle changes that can help you heal yourself. Although I am a physician, this program is for educational purposes only and I will not be forming a doctor-patient relationship with you. You should continue seeing your own doctor for medical advice.

This program is carefully designed to provide you with resources, tools, and support to help you reach your goals, even if you have tried everything before!

When you enroll in Optimal Health Reset, you will gain the knowledge you need to make better decisions, reach your potential, and enjoy living a full life. Sign up today!

Carla Hightower, MD
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Living Health Works