Superfoods to Boost the Immune System

Natural foods that improve the body’s defenses

In this masterclass mini-course, you will discover...

  • Foods, herbs, and spices that are proven to boost the immune system
  • Harmful foods to avoid that may weaken the body’s defenses
  • Healthful vitamins that are shown to support wellness

In this self-study video, you will quickly learn about top foods that can support your immune system and wellbeing

This is for you if…

  • You feel increasingly stressed and vulnerable regarding your health 
  • You long for peace of mind with simple steps to support your health and wellness
  • You want a quick and easy jumpstart lesson to help you eat healthier now 

Imagine getting clear on the superfoods that can help you support your health and wellbeing


Instant access to the superfoods video lesson created by Dr. Carla Hightower

Bonus: 3 delicious smoothie recipes with superfoods that can help you thrive!

Lifetime Access, so you can review the lesson at any time

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Get empowering information on top foods for the immune system

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Meet Your Instructor

As a health coach and workplace wellness consultant, I teach educational information on food and lifestyle changes that can help you heal yourself. Although I am a physician, this program is for educational purposes only and I will not be forming a doctor-patient relationship with you. You should continue seeing your own doctor for medical advice.

This masterclass mini-course is carefully designed to provide you with resources and valuable information to help you reach your goals faster.
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Carla Hightower, MD
Certified Integrative Health Coach
Living Health Works 

"I am eating wholefoods and I have seen a vast improvement in my overall health..."

Harry W.

"I love the way I am feeling these days. Some days I feel like I'm in heaven."

Michael S.

"I want to share three words - "Absolutely Life-Changing"

Michael B.

"I have clearer thoughts, less worries, and I'm stronger."

Jackie P.

"The masterclass on Superfoods was absolutely fantastic! I actually watched it twice, the second time in order to take notes! I learned new and practical information about superfoods and their impact on immunity that I did not know. Even as a physician, there were details about superfoods that were new and I could apply right away.

Additionally, Dr. Hightower's voice was calm and so easy to listen to as she explained information in a clear and succinct manner and not in "doctor speak" (medical jargon). I recommended this Masterclass to more than 50 of my friends, family and colleagues and the resulting feedback has been awesome! I am looking forward to her next Masterclass - everyone sould sign up!!"

Sonja Boone, MD, FACP

"I am so grateful that I participated i the Superfoods to Boost the Immune System masterclass!

I love how Dr. Hightower gave a summary of the immune system at the beginning, which prepared me to receive the vital information that she shared. She was so easy to understand and very personable. I felt like a good friend who whanted the best for me was giving me valuable advice. I genuinely believe Dr. HIghtower has a passion for helping others achieve their bes health naturally. I also like that she backed up everything with science and provided references.

I have been using what I learned from the class for a couple of months. In this short time, I have lost 7 pounds, my energy has increased tremendously, and I have an overall feeling of wellbeing. It was so easy to incorporate what I learned into my lifestyle. This course has change my life! What I received from this class was far beyond the small price that I paid for it."

Tina B.

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